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Into Sport - “Don’t Dis your Abilities”

This service is no longer funded, but we'll do our best to help you.

At SDA we encourage and are supporting Deaf and Disabled people to have more active lifestyles. The benefits of physical activity in helping your general health and mental well-being are well known. We are here to help you overcome the barriers which can put you off attending your local sport and physical activities. We are here if you would like us to help you take that first step into a healthier way of life.

What does SDA Into Sport do: we offer sporting activity opportunities for different ability levels in Southwark to increase health and well-being.

Why should you bother: A healthier lifestyle improves general well-being, social life, and helps you to think differently about your disability.


Types of activities: we have a variety of sport providers that we work closely with in Southwark that cater for all abilities. Activities range from football, swimming, boccia, goalball, cycling, cricket, walking and many more.            


Also please feel free to make suggestions, if there is any activity you are particularly interested in.

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