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This Service is no longer provided but has been left on the site for historical interest

Dance & Movement

Through dance, drama and creative physical activity in group settings, for adults with learning disabilities or those with lived experience or at risk of mental illness, this activity provides social and physical skills training and opportunities to take part in social and cultural activity. It promotes regular exercise and physical fitness, and combats isolation.

We aim to tackle poor mental and physical health of vulnerable adults by addressing the following root causes:


lack of physical activity leading to loss of: mobility/motor skills, muscle tissue, coordination/balance (causing falls), cardiovascular fitness, control of body weight


isolation and social exclusion, resulting in lack of human interaction, feelings of loneliness and helplessness, loss of social motor skills, depression


lack of access to culture and cultural activity, leading to an inability for self-expression/fulfilment, loss of self-esteem/confidence.

We commission involuntary -movement to provide these classes, for which the participants also pay a contribution.


On Mondays the sessions are for People with moderate or profound and multiple disabilities.



On Tuesdays the sessions are for people with or at risk of mental ill-health.



New Venue: Darwin Court

The Dance sessions are funded by participants and 

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