Bits & Pieces Social Group

During COVID we've been liaising with regular members and meeting at the the park to be social but keeping our distance. We used to meet up at the SRC. It's an opportunity to get out of the house, be with other people and chat or just pass the time of day in a friendly relaxed environment.


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B & P
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Who is it for? Disabled Adults, (bring your own personal assistant if required)

What is the purpose? Befriending / Social Interaction

Outcome?  Increased feeling of well-being

Cost?  Generally £1 (includes a sandwich and drinks)

When?  Nearly every Friday, 1100 to 1630

Where?  Southwark Resource Centre, 10 Bradenham Close, SE17 2QB.


Referral: Contact Sita Dori, SDA Volunteers Coordinator, email or

phone 020 7358 7744, Mondays and Wednesdays.


How it works

The Bits & Pieces group takes place mainly in the Southwark Resource Centre (SRC) Dining Hall on a Friday. (The SRC is a Southwark Council building from which Independent Living Support is provided by Southwark Health & Social Care Services.)


The Bits & Pieces group is run by Southwark Disablement Association (SDA) a user led voluntary sector organisation registered as a Charity (based at Cambridge House, 1 Addington Square, SE5 7JZ).


The group is primarily for Social Interaction - friendship amongst peers – Disabled People in Southwark.


People attending also have the opportunity to practice, develop and share various life skills with their peers.


The ethos of the group is one of supporting each other rather than having people do stuff for you; there is limited volunteer and paid staff support.


People attending therefore have to be self-sufficient regarding personal care, such as toileting and eating unless you arrange your own personal assistance.


We are not able to provide transport.


There is very little structure to the day; we believe that having to think for yourself what you want to do is an essential element to independent living.

Up to thirty Disabled adults with various conditions and impairments, ages and ethnic backgrounds attend the group.


The day runs from 1100 to 1630 with half an hour flexibility at each end of the day allowing for transport anomalies.


On arrival people need to report to the SRC reception where they tick their name off on the register.


Tea and coffee is available in the Dining Hall on a self-help basis (assistance provided if required).


People generally sit around and chat until midday when an activity is laid on for people to participate if they want.


Activities are usually Boccia (soft ball version of Boules), quiz games, Karaoke, Dance and sometimes we have guest speakers to discuss community issues.


Lunch time varies but is generally between 1330 and 1500 and consists of a sandwich. Sometimes we have a cooked dish for an additional £1, or a take-away which may cost more depending on the menu.


Following lunch there is usually a bingo session in which donated prizes can be won. Tickets cost between 20 and 50 pence.


Occasionally the group has outings.


Access to the group is through an assessment following referral to

Sita Dori, SDA Volunteers Coordinator, email or

phone 020 7358 7744 on Mondays or Wednesdays. No referrals on a Friday.