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Southwark Disablement Association (SDA)

Website Privacy and Cookies Policy

Collection and use of personal data


When you use the SDA website, information

from you may be collected in one of two ways:


1. When you use the ‘contact us’ form to provide your personal details in order for SDA to be able to contact you.

2. By collecting visitor data for website statistical analysis (see ‘Use of Cookies’ below)


We will only use the information you provide to us via the ‘contact us’ form in order to be able to contact you. The information you provide will be stored securely on our internal systems and kept no longer than necessary in order to process your enquiry.


We will not use the information you provide to us for marketing purposes. Nor will this data be passed to a third-party, unless with your permission or it is a requirement under law.


There is no advertising on the SDA website.


Use of cookies uses Google Analytics to collect visitor data in order to understand how the website is used and to help SDA make improvements. Google Analytics uses a cookie(s) - a small text file that is stored on your device - in order for your device to be uniquely identified by the Google Analytics service.


The cookie(s) from Google Analytics are not required in order to use the SDA website.  You can control what cookies are allowed on your device through your browser’s cookies settings.


SDA does not sell or trade any statistical data gathered by Google Analytics to any third-parties.


Links to third-party websites

The SDA website contains links to third party websites. SDA is not responsible for these websites and this Website Privacy and Cookies Policy does not apply to them.


Contact us

If you have any questions about this Website Privacy and Cookies Policy please contact us, using details below.

Last reviewed September 2019

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