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Beam Art Group

The group offers disabled artists the chance to create art in a group setting with the opportunity for discussion, conversation and learning from each other in a fully accessible environment.

Who is it for? Disabled Adults (bring your own personal assistant if required)


What is the purpose? To express thoughts and feelings through various art media - draw, paint or write and share.


Outcome? Increased feeling of well-being.


Cost? Free, but contributions to art materials welcome.


When? Nearly every Thursday from 1330 to 1530.


Where? Southwark Resource Centre, 10 Bradenham Close, off Westmoreland Road.


Referral: Contact: Guy Dennis, SDA Group Facilitator, email or phone 07305 571 794, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


How it works

Beam is a group of Disabled Artists who regularly meet at the Southwark Resource Centre (SRC) on a Thursday. (The SRC is a Southwark Council building from which Independent Living Support is provided by Southwark Health & Social Care Services.)


The Beam Art Group is facilitated by Southwark Disablement Association (SDA) a voluntary sector organisation/ Charity (based on the first floor of SRC).


The purpose of the group is to offer disabled people a workspace in a fully accessible environment and the chance to create art in a group setting with opportunity for discussion, conversation and learning from each other.


The Beam Art group has exhibited at the Boundless Arts Festival, Peckham; Inspire Café; Archbishop’s park; and Lower Marsh Market Waterloo and Southwark Cathedral.


The group is primarily for people to express and share thoughts and feelings through various art media e.g. drawing, painting or writing.


The group also provides the opportunity for Social Interaction and friendship amongst peers – Disabled People in Southwark.


The ethos of the group is one of supporting each other rather than having people do stuff for you; there is limited volunteer and paid staff support.


People attending therefore have to be self-sufficient regarding personal care, such as toileting and eating unless you arrange your own personal assistance.


We do not provide transport.


There is little structure to the group; we believe that having to think for yourself what you want to do is an essential element to independent living.


Up to ten Disabled adults with various conditions and impairments, ages and ethnic backgrounds attend the group.


The group runs from 1330 to 1530.


On arrival people need to report to the SRC reception where they tick their name off on the register.


Tea and coffee is available in the Art Room


Occasionally the group has outings.


Access to the group is through an assessment following referral to Guy Dennis, Group Facilitator (& Benefits Advice Manager), email or

phone 07305 571 794 on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

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