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This group is temporarily on hold while we review the best way forward, Zoom or in person.

Reading Group

The group offers disabled people with a range of reading abilities, some just listen, the chance to enjoy a book with the opportunity for discussion, conversation and learning from each other in a fully accessible environment.

Who is it for? Disabled Adults (bring your own personal assistant if required)


What is the purpose? To enjoy the reading experience in the company of others, to express thoughts and share feelings.


Outcome? Increased feeling of well-being and self confidence.


Cost? Free


When? Nearly every Wednesday from1300 to 1500.


Where? Southwark Resource Centre, 10 Bradenham Close, off Westmoreland Road.


Referral: Contact: Sita Dori, SDA Group Facilitator, email or

phone 020 3095 9421, Mondays and Wednesdays.


We are not able to provide transport.

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