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Information & Benefits Advice

A free, confidential and independent advice service to provide information on independent living issues and support with getting benefits to improve your quality of life.

·    Are you a disabled adult living in Southwark, with physical or sensory impairments?


·    Do you need information about disability issues, personal budgets or benefits?


·    Do you think that you may be entitled to Disability Benefits or some other benefit          because you are disabled?    

Contact: Advisor - Guy Dennis         07305 571 794    


Tuesday and  Thursday 10am to 3pm at the Southwark Resource Centre, 10 Bradenham Close, off Westmoreland Road, SE17 2QB

What we can do

We provide information on all aspects of disability, some information will be in depth, some will be basic and we may refer you to another organisation for legal advice where necessary.


We can provide you with a private and confidential space to discuss your problems or concerns.


We can help you to check your benefit entitlement and we can help you claim benefits by supporting you to fill out forms.


We can give you guidance on chasing up claims with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)..


We can only offer you an appointment in our office, as we do not have the resources to carry out external visits.


REMEMBER – A claim for benefit remains your responsibility.


What we cannot do


We cannot chase up claims unless you tell us when you receive information from the DWP or other agency.


If you require legal advice we will have to refer you to another appropriate agency. This may be a law centre or solicitor.


We cannot keep your personal papers in our office. You must keep all original documents, including bills or letters from the DWP.


We cannot discuss your problems with anyone else unless you ask us to do so.


We cannot represent you at tribunals, but we can help you prepare your case by gathering evidence and completing the paperwork or refer you to an appeals specialist.


Please note


All our advice services are free. We do not accept payments or gifts of any kind for the work we do.


While our services are strictly confidential, we cannot advise you if you make a fraudulent claim or are dishonest about your financial or personal situation when claiming benefit.


What you need to do


Contact us to make an appointment.


Keep us informed by letting us know as soon as possible if you receive any letters or phone calls from the DWP or other agency.


Stick to appointments and let us know if you cannot keep an appointment.


Please do not drop in without an appointment as an advisor will probably not be available to see you.


Always remember to keep copies and records of all letters, emails and telephone calls whenever you speak to someone about your problem or concern.


Ask for the full name of the person you speak to and record it.


Be prepared, research your rights and know what you want to say.

The UK Government web site is the best place to start 



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