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Southwark Disablement Association
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A free, confidential and independent support service for disabled people.

  • Are you a disabled adult living in Southwark with a physical or sensory impairments?
  • Would you like someone to talk to and listen to you?
  • Do you need some help with small practical tasks, DIY or gardening?
  • Would you go out more if there was someone to go with you?

For more information about how a Volunteer may be able to help you, or if you would like to be a Volunteer, please contact Sita on: 020 7525 4752 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10.30am to 3.30pm


  • People will be able to refer themselves as well as be referred by Social Services, GP's, voluntary groups, etc.
  • SDA will try to respond to any requests within a week of referral stating whether or not it can provide the appropriate support.
  • The start date of any service provided will depend on the availability of a suitable volunteer. Sometimes this can be immediate on other occasions a volunteer may not be available for several months.
  • Once a referral has been accepted you will be visited in your own home for an introductory visit and assessment by the volunteers co-ordinator.
  • The type of service SDA can provide will be explained to you as well as how long you will have to wait for a suitable volunteer to be available to support you.

Philosophy and Standards

SDA places a strong emphasis on the importance of the following:

  • A client-led approach to addressing your needs.
  • Supporting you in making informed choices and decisions.
  • Providing you with a personal and facilitative service in which tasks are done with you rather than for you.
  • Your right to be consulted on the day and time of any support organised for you.
  • Matching and allocating a volunteer to you with the appropriate and relevant skills, interests and cultural awareness.
  • Continuity of care, i.e. keeping the same volunteer with you.
  • Mutual respect and equality of opportunity.
  • Providing you with a supportive, friendly and empowering service.
  • Flexibility in response to your changing circumstances or needs.
  • Ensuring the delivery of high quality services.
  • Frequent check-ups on standards.
  • Your right to complain.
  • Respect for your confidentiality.

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Who are the Volunteers & where do they come from?

  • Volunteers at SDA are people from various walks of life who choose to work with us on a voluntary basis, i.e. for no financial reward.
  • Most of the volunteers at SDA are local Southwark residents.
  • People find out about SDA from adverts in the newspapers, other organisations, from our posters and leaflets or by word of mouth.
  • People choose not to be paid for this work, so to avoid any embarrassment please do not offer to do so.

Our Aim

To give you a reliable quality service which helps you live in your home more independently and take part in your local community.

What is the SDA Volunteers Service?

It is a service which finds people who want to work in their local community for no financial reward.

These people, known as volunteers, are recruited, trained and placed by the volunteers co-ordinator, according to their interests and skills, with disabled people who have requested some help.

The sort of requests we can respond to are befriending, going out, non-essential shopping, help with correspondence, small practical tasks or DIY, gardening etc.

SDA pays any expenses Volunteers incur while working with us e.g. their bus fares, car mileage, refreshments etc.

We believe in your involvement and welcome comments about our service whether negative or positive as they help us to identify the areas that are successful and those that need improvement.

We would therefore encourage you to discuss any concerns about the service with us.

In all cases and at all times your concerns, worries or complaints will be dealt with in strict confidence.

All Volunteers are CRB checked

Sita Dori, Volunteers Co-ordinator
Southwark Disablement Association
Southwark Resource Centre
10 Bradenham Close
London SE17 2QB
Tel: 020 7525 4752
Fax: 020 7277 0481
E-mail Sita@sdail.org