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The great thing about forums and chat rooms is the sense of community they can generate. The fact that you can meet and chat with people from different parts of the world is exciting. You gain friends, have a laugh, get any information you may be looking for or you may be able to help others with information gained through your own experiences.

The trouble is forums are not as spontaneous as chat rooms. Forums are the ideal place to go for a subject that you are interested in e.g. electronics, gardening, computer science etc. In a forum you post a request for help or information and await a reply, which could be in a couple of minutes or a couple of days.

Chat rooms, on the other hand, are great for chatting with people in real time.

If you have never used a chat room before you may find it a little daunting, it can take some time to get used to. The best thing to do as a newbie on first entering a room is to say hello and explain that as you are new you would just like to observe what is going on until you feel comfortable to join in. Nobody should object to your request as they will understand how daunting this will be for you, remember they have been in the same position too.

Once you become used to what is happening, join the chat and enjoy yourself, you won't regret it.

Do remember to read the forum rules. All forums and chat rooms have them, they give you an idea of what is or isn't acceptable. You wouldn't want to be flamed on your first post because you have done or said something that is not tolerated!

Listed are a few links to forums and chat relating to disability.

General Disability Forums

Specific Conditions Support Forums

Chat Rooms

If you have any good sites you would like to share send us the link don't keep it to yourself.

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