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Getting around London

For information on getting around London go to the Transport for London website.

The TfL site contains a plethora of information regarding movement around London with Maps for Tube, DLR, Bus, Tram, Rail, River, Interactive map, Visitor maps and Themed journeys

The site also has timetables for Tube, Bus, First and last Tube, River timetable, Overground, DLR timetables, frequencies and journey times

Also includes a Journey Planner where you enter your start and finishing points. You can make choices to the journey by clicking the "Advanced Settings" button and chosing how you wish to travel, modes of transport, mobility requirements etc, so results that are returned meet your needs as a disabled person, a very handy website indeed.

Also pay a visit to Transport for All. This is a charity that works across London to inform disabled and older people about the transport services available and how to access them.

For rail travel to other parts of the country see the National Rail Enquries website.

Access in London

Parking for Blue Badge holders

Travel Advice, etc.

Foreign-Currency.Com Foreign Exchange Services

Timetables and Other Rail Information.


Wireless Access at UK and Irish Airports
Find out who has it and how much they will clobber you for it.

British Airports Authority
(covering London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Southampton)



Isle of Man

Northen Ireland




Travel Agents

The following are listed because they are the main tour operators not because of their friendliness or accessibility for people with disabilities. Always check first with a company re their policy for people with disabilities and accessibility.

Tourist Information

Department of Health.  Updates from the government on what you will need, health wise, when visiting countries in Europe or further afield. You'll also find updates on any serious outbreaks or epidemics in different parts of the world.