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Southwark Disablement Association
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SDA is an organisation of people with seen and unseen disabilities which supports disabled people to live independently and achieve their full potential.

Independently? Individuals choosing how to lead their lives through informed choice.

Informed Choice? Having information and knowing about opportunities available to you.

Southwark Independent Living

SIL - Southwark Independent Living is an informal Partnership of Disabled People, groups and organisations working together to support Disabled People in Southwark to live more independent lives. SDA is the principal Deaf and Disabled People’s User Led Organisation within SIL. SDA provides direct Independent Living Services and supports Deaf and Disabled People to manage their own meetings, independent living activities and services."

SDA Active

SDA Active now includes football, swimming, water polo, walking and Boccia.

£200 plus 6 points

From the 1st of March that's what you will receive if you are one of the many people who use their mobiles without a handsfree kit.

You can get a good bluetooth headset for around thirty quid the other £170 would get you a decent short break away from it all, you know it makes sense.